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We are very pleased to announce that the Vancouver School of Theology has named  our very own Rev Clara Plamondon as the 2020 recipient of the T.E.G. Award, established last year by the Vancouver School of Theology to recognize leading practitioners in Christian ministry!

T.E.G. stands for thoughtful, engaged and generous.  

Here's what those who endorsed the nomination of The Venerable (Archdeacon) Clara Plamondon say about Rev Clara:

  • Along with another VST alum, Rev. Selinde Krayenhoff and another colleague in the Nanaimo area, Clara has taken the lead in organizing area churches to provide ecumenical programming. An example of that was the excellent attendance at the VST Academy weekend just finished where people from Anglican, Presbyterian, Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches from a wide area around Nanaimo gathered to learn together.”

  • “Clara is the kind of leader you would wish to serve alongside in any capacity. She is ready to share in the work of the church making thoughtful and articulate contributions to often complex matters. She is generous with her time, despite her commitments to her parish and diocese and is generous of heart in her relationships with others. Clara’s wisdom and perspective are highly valued by all members. Robert Hovda’s, “Strong, Loving and Wise” describes the presider at worship, the kind of leaders the church needs today, and an appropriate description of Clara Plamondon. She would be a worthy recipient of VST’s leadership award and be a fine ambassador for the School’s reputation.”

  • “Clara excels at cultivating strong networks within her faith community and at creating partnerships with other faith communities. Clara is a leader who brings a balanced dimension as both pastor and prophet to her work. She is greatly respected by those she works with as an archdeacon in the diocese, as prolocutor of Provincial Synod and in her previous role as a member of the Council of General Synod. Clara integrates well her knowledge of scripture, theology and ministry. Those she leads benefit from both her direction and the questions she asks. Clara is discrete in how and when she speaks, but when she does speak, you are inspired to listen. Clara receives this as she is thoughtful, engaging and generous in her leadership and spirit.” 

Clara’s leadership was recognized and supported by the Diocese of Islands and Inlets (Diocese of BC) when Bishop Logan McMenamie appointed her as archdeacon of the Cowichan/ Malaspina region in August 2018.

Clara was ordained in the Diocese of British Columbia in 2013, serving first as deacon-in-charge and shortly after, as incumbent. Since her ordination, she has served as the representative of our diocese at Provincial Synod and is a member of the Council of General Synod. She also currently serves as a regional archdeacon and is a mentoring chaplain on the diocesan ministry discernment team.


About the T.E.G. Award

The VST Principal’s T-E-G Award is an expression of VST’s stature in the wider community, with a strong and growing reputation for leadership development, innovation and change. It is not restricted to alumni or affiliates of VST. This award is intended to have a continuous presence in the community, through the annual support of its founding donors and others who also recognize the importance of the VST Principal’s T-E-G Award. VST is grateful to accept annual contributions and those earmarked to endow this award to ensure its continual presence and acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Christian leaders.

Congratulations Clara!