The Altar Guild at St. Paul's Anglican Church is a group of Parish Members who dedicate themselves to serve God in love, thankfulness and joy.  They work closely with our Rector and “are servants of God, servants of God’s people, servants of the Liturgy, and servants of the Worship Space.” (Grace Wiki). 

Guild members are divided into five groups.  Each group (usually 3 members) take turns each week in preparing the Worship Space and the Holy Vessels for the Eucharistic Services.  Flowers which have been donated for the Main or Side Altar in memory of a loved one or in thanksgiving for a special blessing and to the glory of God are carefully arranged and placed in the appropriate places.  Liturgical Colours according to the Colours of the Church Year and for Special Occasions are changed in accordance with the traditions of the Anglican Church.   At the end of Eucharistic Services the Holy Vessels are washed and everything is cleaned and put away.  Preparation for special services, such as Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, the Maundy Thursday Stripping of the Altar, is also the responsibility of the Altar Guild.