This week we received further directives from our Bishop on the advice of the Provincial Health Authority. We have been told that we are not to gather even in small groups of 2 or 3 which means that our plan to record a service at the church is no longer possible.  We are working on other options that we might be able to do from our homes.

Online Service, Sunday March 22nd:  


Post-Closure Regular Worship Services:

  • Every Sunday  at 8:00 am, Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
  • Every Sunday  at 10:30 am, Choral Eucharist (Book of Alternative Services)
  • 2nd Sunday at 7:30 pm, Evensong 
  • Every Wednesday at 11 am, Holy Communion
  • Monday to Friday  at 8:30 am, Morning Prayer
  • Every Monday  at 7:00 pm, Contemplative Prayer


Our hand carved oak altar was dedicated in November 2000 in memory of Dr. Rolly Radcliffe. The scenic panels are made of a variety of woods, primarily native to Nanaimo.

We are a traditional Anglican Church celebrating the Anglican liturgy in every service. However, in the midst of “traditional” we have fun and welcome everyone who comes through our doors to worship. Our 8 am Sunday service is Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer. Our 10:30 am service is Choral Eucharist from Book of Alternative Services.  

Children are welcome at all services! Our church parking lot allows entry to the church for those with disabilites.  Join us after both services for a time of fellowship in our Centre for Ministry. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to St. Paul's!