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This year's Marketplace is looking a little different!  For those of you who loved bidding on our amazing selection of silent auction items, we are very excited to offer a virtual silent auction this year.   

You can bid on silent auction items by phone or by email.  The silent auction begins on Monday, November 23 at 9 am.  There are three days of bidding:

  • Monday, November 23 - 9 am to 5 pm
  • Tuesday, November 24 - 9 am to 5 pm
  • Wednesday, November 25 - 9 am to 5 pm

So mark your calendar and watch for a video showcasing all items, with a mystery guest on Monday, November 23!

Phone: Marilyn at 250-585-6857

Each evening at 7 pm, Marilyn will publish the highest bids for that day …. so check your e-mail.  Those who made a bid by phone will be called with an update.  On Thursday, November 26, you will be notified if you have won the item (s) you were bidding on.  If you are a lucky winner, your item must be picked up at our "drive through" pick up in the church parking lot on Chapel Street on Saturday, November 28 between 10 am and 2 pm. Please put exact cash or a cheque made payable to St. Paul’s Anglican Church in an envelope marked with your name, phone number and the amount.  Please list your Silent Auction items on the envelope.

Silent auction items  -- Check the attachment below for photographs

Gift Certificates

  • 1- Zougla Restaurant $100 Gift Certificate (minimum bid - $50)
  • 2 - Topnotch Burgers $50.00 Gift Certificate (minimum bid - $25)
  • 3- Beefeaters Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate (minimum bid - $25) 
  • 4 - Beefeaters Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate (minimum bid - $25) 
  • 5 - Flying Fish $50 Gift Certificate (minimum bid - $25)

Artisan Gift Ideas

  • 6 - Hand crocheted blue and mauve shawl. Add elegance to any outfit.  (minimum bid - $60)   
  • 7 - Hand crocheted shell pattern teal sweater. Perfect for woman’s large (size 16) or men’s medium to wear in winter windy weather.  (minimum bid - $40)
  • 8 - Hand knitted blue pastel pair of variegated yarn fashion medium weight socks. Perfect for wearing with boots.  (minimum bid - $25) 
  • 9 - Hand made Viking knit copper bracelet that includes a fluorite crystal, beach glass and antique beads. You’ll want to wear this statement piece with your favourite outfit. (minimum bid - $60)
  • 10 - Hand made wooden charcuterie board (16" by 12") Great for entertaining! (minimum bid - $40)
  • 11 - Hand made maple 8" serving bowl with food safe coating (minimum bid - $30)     
  • 12 - Hand made wooden sofa table that fits perfectly under the side of your sofa to save floor space and look great in your family room (minimum bid - $40) 
  • 13 to 16 -  Four large machine sewn and decorated Christmas stockings are ready to hang by your fireplace this December. We have them as separate items, but you might want to consider getting all four! (minimum bid - $15 each)
  • 17 - Hand crafted 14 inch soft stuffed Llama toy is perfect for your favourite little one. (minimum bid - $20)                                 

Gift Baskets

  • 18 - Gourmet Coffee Basket - This adorable Joy wicker basket includes 2 adorable mugs, napkins, candy, five cookie packages, treats and of course Coffee! (minimum bid - $20)
  • 19 - Have a Cuppa Tea Basket - This yummy basket includes 2 mugs, cookies, candies and of course teas!  (minimum bid - $20)
  • 20 - Yummy Hot Chocolate Basket - This fabulous basket includes hot chocolate, marshmallows, 4 packages of cookies, mugs with spoons and napkins! (minimum bid - $20)
  • 21 - Delectable Cheese and Crackers Basket - This basket includes, 2 Brie rounds, olives, mini sausages, pickles, 2 packages of crackers, bits and bites, smoked oysters, candy, napkins, cutting board and knife. (minimum bid - $20)
  • 22 - Home Movie Night Snack Basket - Sit back and relax at home with your favourite movie or show enjoying the goodies in this basket. Chocolate bars, Hershey’s kisses, Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn, blue corn chips, salsa, licorice, pringles chips. (minimum bid - $20)
  • 23 - Delicious Assortment of Jams and Jellies - Don’t miss St, Paul’s version of “Jelly of the month club”. This perfect preserves gift basket includes blueberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, red pepper jelly, orange and lemon marmalade, Seville orange marmalade, yellow plum jam, blackberry jelly, and Concord grape jelly. One jar a month for a year! (minimum bid - $30)
  • 24 - Bodum French Press Basket includes one 8:cup French press, a 400g bag of Salt Spring coffee and Spekulatous cookies. Have a coffee break on us! (minimum bid - $25)   

Household Items

  • 25 - This set of 5 brand new Birch cabinet doors from IKEA including the knobs and hardware were made in Italy and fit the Oxberg #18351 cabinet. They might also be used in a craft project needing a frame.  (minimum bid - $20)         
  • 26 - This sleek handheld Immersion blender/hand mixer makes food prep a breeze. (minimum bid - $20)
  • 27 - The Beam soundboard and bracket enhances the sound from your TV.  (minimum bid - $50)
  • 28 - This TV wall mount can hold up to 30 pounds and swivels so that it can adjust to the layout of your room and keep valuable floor space. Elevate your TV experience!  (minimum bid - $50)     

Gift Items

  • 29 - This collection of Indigenous gift items includes a designer pillow cover, a large Strong Nations fridge magnet, a vegan embossed wallet and a Noel Brown designed ornament.  (minimum bid - $20)
  • 30- Horse Head Sculpture This heavy but delicate Faux Moss Horse Sculpture called “Mossy” reminds us of a knight chess piece and adds whimsy to your decor. Bring out the Harry Potter in you. (minimum bid - $20)
  • 31 - Winter Harp CD  Sit back and relax to the Celtic sounds of this beautiful “Harp Dance” CD from the group Winter Harp. Our former organist Amy Stephens is one of the group’s members. (minimum bid  - $10)
  •  32 - Fashion Necklace This fashion necklace from Joe Fresh has a delicate rhinestone and mother of pearl beads in flower patterns. Glitz up any outfit with this pretty neck piece. (minimum bid - $20)
  •  33 - Cranberry Lightweight Jersey Knit Poncho This lovely Cranberry coloured mantle shawl made of 20% wool slips over your head and adds elegance to your outfit. (minimum bid - $20)
  •  34 - Dressy Clutch Purse This glamorous white and rhinestone clutch purse has a delicate shoulder strap that is also removable. Perfect for an evening out!  (minimum bid - $20)
  • 35 - Wine Rack  This sturdy black metal 18 bottle wine rack fits with any decor. Perfect to help keep your wine sitting properly and ready for you to entertain company. (minimum bid - $25)
  • 36 - Nativity Scene  This beautiful Melissa and Doug Wooden Nativity set is perfect to add to your Christmas decor and very child friendly. It comes in a little wooden case for easy tidy up. (minimum bid $20)
  • 37 - This adorable wooden Christmas Truck decoration also lights up with the touch of a carefully hidden switch. A delight to young and not so young. (minimum bid - $20) 
  • 38 - These brightly coloured angel designed appetizer plates come in their own decorated box and are a perfect addition to your Christmas party. (minimum bid - $20)
  • 39 - Homemade Very Merry Marzipan iced Christmas cake is a delicious snack with a cup of tea or whatever during the holidays. Add this sweet treat to your diet this December.  (minimum bid - $20)
  • 40. The Alaskan Ulu Knife and specially curved cutting board makes any chef’s chopping experience so easy. Our minimum bid of $50 is a bargain price!   


  • 41 - Framed and numbered print of Market Place in Victoria B. C. (30 x 24 inches) Just add a wall and enjoy memories of downtown Victoria. (minimum bid - $30)
  • 42 - This original oil on canvas of a Greek Scene has vibrant colours and is signed by artist Austin. Bring the Mediterranean into your home. All it needs is a frame. (20 x 24"; 32 x 25", with matt) (minimum bid - $40)                                        

Original Artwork

A long time member of our parish has a passion for painting. His watercolours of scenery and nature are beautiful to behold and his wife helps to name them. Buy a little treasure to add delight in your living space. Just add a frame.   (Minimum Bid - $25 each)

  • 43 - Falls U.K. (9x12 inches)
  • 44 - Northwest Light  Lewis and Clark (10x14 inches)
  • 45 -  Blue Nose II  (13x10 inches)
  • 46 - Crocus (8.75 x 12 inches)
  • 47 - Birches (9 x12 inches)
  • 48 - That’s Called a Cat  (9 x 12 inches
  • 49 -  Cape Ross  (9 x 12 inches)
  • 50 - Baskerville circa 1800  (9 x 12 inches)
  • 51 - Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia  (9 x 12 inches)
  • 52 - Peace at End of Garden  10 x 8 matted size)
  • 53 - Lilloet River  (12 x 9 inches)