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Stewardship is a core element of Christian practice. It is how we follow Jesus in our daily lives and live his mission as a parish. Stewardship is a core Christian practice rooted in Scripture.

St. Paul’s began a year-long stewardship campaign in 2023.  The campaign started with education, and our “lovely lavender” bulletin inserts during July and August, focusing on sections of the Bible that speak about stewardship. The year continued with “Stewardship Sundays”, the first Sunday of each month beginning with the stewardship of creation in September.  In October we learned about and celebrated all of our ministries and completed a “gifts inventory” to help inform our work, In November, we listened to stewardship stories/testimonials at both the 8 am and 10:30 am services.

Stewardship is about our own sense of giftedness and what we give back to God. We are asking you the following questions:

(1) Your expenses are increasing, so are the churches’. How do we create a spiritual commitment and how do we give back to our church and to our community?
(2) You are a good steward of your finances; how can you help us all to be good stewards of St. Paul’s finances?

Many small gifts are more sustainable and give us more strength as a parish than occasional large gifts. 

 “It is the duty of every parishioner, to contribute regularly of his substance, as God shall prosper him, to the maintenance of the worship of God and the spread of the Gospel.” (The Book of Common Prayer)

In the spring of 2024 we will hold a 5 week giving campaign using our “Giving Thanks and Praise” resource. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to speak with any member of the stewardship team.  (Joy, Greg, Julie,  or Carol)

Stewardship is not about our generosity.  It is about our response to God’s generosity.

Stewardship is everything you do after you say, “I believe.”