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The season of Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday, gives us an opportunity to cultivate the interior life through spiritual exercises and practices. It can be a time of rediscovery; a valuable chance to open ourselves more deeply to the beauty and power of the dying and rising to new life in Jesus. It is a time to ponder the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection and to allow it to soak into our deepest parts. New life and hope come to us in self-examination. Every Christian is called to purposeful reflection on one's need for God; each individual's response to that call is an important factor in choosing how one will observe Lent. Through the centuries, Lent became characterized by practices which typify the meaning of this season:

  • Prayer; Paying attention to God;
  • Fasting; Reminding ourselves of our hunger for God; and
  • Almsgiving. Giving of ourselves to others.

Prayer for Lent

Lord of the journey of life, help us to listen up and pay attention to your voice and not be distracted by the noise of life and the constant appeal to satisfy our wants. Lead us to the places where we might be challenged by competing voices, but where we listen to our hearts and know who you are and who we are to you, and thus who we are to be. In the hard places, may we hear the affirmation of your love and presence with us. Summon us again to your way. Beckon us on the journey to the cross. For you are our Christ. Amen